Engine Limits

There are very different standards worldwide what kind of engines may be flown without a permission and what kind of lauches needs permission.

Based on the sources we know, we provide a comparsion table of the different permission limits:

Country Permission-free limit (gramms) Class Age Limit
Austria 50 II 18
France 500 K1-3 18
Germany 20 P1 18
Italy 113 ./. 18
Sweden 100 ? ?
Switzerland 50 18
United Kingdom 1000 ? 18
USA 62,2 Toy Propellant 12/16

Notes: The gram limits means the upper limit for permission-free flights with model rocket engines on a net base of pyrotechnical propellant (without casing, nozzle etc.). All other launches needs permission. More regulation issues may apply. Classes means national law classification.

Please note that legal information are provided without any responsibility for correctness. Some information may be outdated (currently, changes within the EU take place) so ask official bodies for legally valid advice.

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