Regulations Germany

While flying model rockets, the following laws and regulations from the explosive and aviation laws apply:

  • Sprengstoffgesetz (SprengG) - explosive law and several additions

  • -  transportation of dangerous goods regulations

  • Luftverkehrsgesetz (LuftVG) - aviation law

  • Luftverkehrsordnung (LuftVO) - aviation rules law

  • Luftverkehrszulassungsordnung (LuftVZO) - aviation certification regulations

  • - regulations for certification of rocket launch areas

Gruppe IV - Treibmittel "RG") according to the explosive law. Previously, they were classified as T1 and T2 (pyrotechnical devices for educational and experimental purposes). This classification is no longer valid. Engines with up to 20 grams of pyrotechnical devices (effective propellant mass) may be sold and used by everyone of 18 years and over. Young people of 14 years and over may use engines and igniters under parential supervision. If used in clubs, a written parential agreement is required.

Engines with over 20 grams of propellant may not be used without permission. They can only be sold to persons possessing an "T2 license". The license can be applied at the local regulations office (e.g. "Gewerbeaufsichtsamt") if the applicant is older than 21 (18 years with exeption). To get the license, a special test must be passed and a proof of interest (for example, membership in a rocketry club) must be supplied. With this license, engines with more than 20 grams of propellant can be purchased and flown. Engine clustering and multistage flights requires this license as well.

In reality, however, it is quite hard or even impossible to get the license since very few authority offices have the special knowledge needed. So far, the number of rocketeers possessing such a license is so small no company is offering such model rocket engines any more. More about this situation at the end of this report.

Model rocket engines in Germany need to be tested and certified by the Federal Office for Material Testing (T2 licenceT2 licence are unpractical and need to be reformed in the eyes of many German model rocketeers.

(Source: Book Fliegende Modellraketen - selbst gebaut, Oliver Missbach, Munich, summer 2001, no reprint without permission)

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