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Pilot´s Station presents line of static rocket models

Collectors and fans of static rocket models will find a line of wooden display rockets at Pilot´s Station, a French-based aviation toys and gifts company. During the 2015 Nuremberg Toy Fair, the company had space models such as the German V2 on display. The product line also includes other classical space rockets such as the Ariane, Space Shuttle, Soyus or the Saturn V. The models are...[more]

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Klima develops own model rocketry line

The German model rocketry company Raketenmodellbau Klima GmbH announced a new line of model rocketry kits, launch equipment and accessories. So far, Klima is known as the European distributor of the US-based company Quest Aerospace. Last year, Klima introduced a new series of composite model rocket engines produced at the companys plant near Augsburg, Germany. During the Nuremberg Toy Fair 2015,...[more]

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Academy introduced new air rocket

Korean hobby manufacturer Academy Plastic Model Co., Ltd. presented a new air rocket at the Nuremberg Toy Fair 2015. The Shootinger Air Rocket is a unique design with a power level gage to control the pressure and the flying altitude of the rocket. The product comes in a set including a high performance pump and launch pad. According to the manufacturer, the kit can be assembled within a few...[more]

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Altus Metrum announces AltOS 1.4.1

This is a minor release containing:Windows Install Fixes * Provide signed Windows driver files. This should avoid any need to disable driver signature checking on Windows 7 or 8. * Fix Java version detection and download. Previously, the installer would only look for Java 6 or 7 and insist on downloading its own Java bits if there was something else installed. Furthermore, the 64-bit...[more]

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Altus Metrum announces AltOS 1.4 with TeleGPS support

Altus Metrum updated its flight firmware and ground station software to add support for TeleGPS, new features for TeleMega and to fix some bugs.TeleGPS is a compact GPS logging tracker. Using the same uBlox Max 7Q GPS chip as TeleMetrum V2 and TeleMega, it offers excellent GPS reception and tracking performance. It incorporates a 16mW transmitter that sends digital telemetry, APRS and radio...[more]

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PNC80-Ogive available from Modelraketten.NL

Modelraketten.NL get hands on the long wanted and hardly available PNC80-Ogive nose cone. This is the type of nose cone used in the V2, Phoenix, Executioner or Maxi Alpha model rocket kits.Also available are the following new products:- Centering ring 3 x 18-50 (CR3x18-50): Cluster Centering Rings for the BT50 (50mm) body tubes from Quest. You can now use three 18mm motors for powering your 50mm...[more]

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Flight test for the liquid propellant endo-reactor BP54L

On September 7th 2013, in Alcolea de Cinca (Spain) an Italian experimenter (BT-Research) has carried out a flight test using a liquid propellant endo-reactor named BP54L. The test is the final result after a long phase of studies and tests in laboratory benches.The flight was perfect and also the recovery phase did not show any problem. The post-flight controls on the motor proved that all the...[more]

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Altus Metrum announces TeleMetrum v2

Altus Metrum has taken the classic TeleMetrum design and updated it with all new components. Same feature set, but better in every way. TeleMetrum v2 is a dual deploy flight computer with 2 pyro channels, 105g accelerometer, 100k' barometer, uBlox Max 7Q GPS and >30mW telemetry system with APRS support.The original ground station TeleDongle is also back at last, as a part of the Altus Metrum...[more]

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