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07.02.2011 10:31 Age: 5 yrs
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By: Oliver Missbach

New Model Rocket Engines Made In Germany

German model rocket distributor and manufacturer Raketenmodellbau Klima GmbH announced a line of self-produced rocket engines at the 2011 Nuremberg Toy Fair. According to Klima, the new engines will be produced at the company´s plant near Augsburg, Germany, and will use a composite propellant rather than black powder.

Klima has plans to manufacture standard model rocket engines in the A through E range, using 18 x 70 mm and 24 mm  casings. It is planned to release the following types:

18 mm: A6-2, A6-4, A10-0. A10-3, B6-0, B6-2, B6-4, B6-6, C6-0, C6-3, C6-5, C6-7, D3-P (long burner), D7-0, D7-3, D7-5

24 mm: C12-x, D18-x, Ex-x

According to Klima, the composite propellant used will allow them to take advantge of the full impulse of each class, e.g. producing C engines with almost 10 Ns. Also, the new automatic engine manufacturing machine produces each engine individually, resulting in a better quality.

There is no delivery deadline announced. Klima´s goal is to go into the market within the next 6 months. The photo shows first prototypes, the finished product may vary.

Klima GmbH distributes the Quest rocket line in Germany. Currently, Klima offers engines from the German pyrotechnic manufacturer Weco. The new engine line will replace Weco´s motor production when available.


Montag, 21.11.2011 17:36 | Oliver Missbach
According to Robert Klima, the new release deadline is spring 2012. See the EMR forum for details.

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