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14.01.2011 16:34 Age: 8 yrs
Category: Market
By: Oliver Missbach

New Model Rocketry & Spacemodelling Book From The UK

British rocketeer Stuart Lodge has announced his new book Model Rocketry - Space Modelling.

This book sets out in an easy to follow style, everything you need to know to get started in the Model Rocketry hobby, including the Model Rocketry Safety Code for safe and enjoyable flying. The book provides full details of rocket launch systems and propulsion systems to shoot the rocket skywards, followed by recovery systems to lower the missile back to earth. The complexities of stability and aerodynamics are covered in detail, together with information on scale models, rocket-boosted gliders and the international contest forum.

The book, published by Traplet Publications Ltd. (ISBN 978-1-907712-00-5rocketry book store when available.


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