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07.11.2010 18:25 Age: 8 yrs
Category: Market
By: Alexander Ponomarenko

RPA Lite Edition 1.1.0 Released announced the availability of RPA 1.1.0 Lite Edition, a new free version of the Rocket Propulsion Analysis Tool for rocketry, developed for small business professionals, scientists, students and amateurs.

RPA Lite Edition is an easy-to-use multi-platform tool for the performance prediction of rocket engines. It features an intuitive graphical user interface with convenient grouping the input parameters and analysis results.

RPA utilizes an expandable chemical species library, that includes data for numerous fuels and oxidizers, such as liquid hydrogen and oxygen, kerosene, hydrogen peroxide, MMH, and many others. With embedded species editor, the users may also easily define new propellant components, or import components from PROPEP or CEA2 species databases.

Main Features of RPA Lite Edition:

** Robust, proven and industry-accepted Gibbs free energy minimization approach is used to obtain the combustion
** Analysis of nozzle flows with shifting and frozen chemical equilibrium
** Optimization of propellant components mixture ratio for maximum specific impulse of bi-propellant systems
** Altitude performance analysis
** Analysis of nozzle performance with respect to over-expansion and flow separation
** Throttled engine performance analysis
** Estimation of delivered nozzle performance
** Nested analysis, stepping of up to four independent variables

** Parameters input and results output in SI or U.S. customary units


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