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06.04.2011 00:48 Leeftijd: 7 yrs
Categorie: Market
Door: Frank De Brouwer

Rebel Space Rocketry News

Here some rocketry news from REBEL Space:


We have been able to lower all ProX prices between 10 to 15% depending on the type of product.

Together with CTI we are still working on the CE-classification for the Pro24/29 and the new ProX propellant types. We have run into some unforeseen delays however, as soon as this is in place we will tackle the BAM and HSE classification.

From CTI we can offer you again a L1/L2/L3 promo deal this spring / summer (till July 1st).

Level 1: Buy the reload and get the matching case free 29mm or 38mm (closure ring not included for 29)
Level 2: Buy the reload and get the matching case free 38mm or 54mm (closure ring not included for 54)


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