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04.04.2011 01:15 Leeftijd: 7 yrs
Categorie: Market
Door: Art Applewhite

Art Applewhite Introduces Forte' Launch Controller

Art Applewhite Rockets is proud to introduce the latest product, a simple, safe, reliable and compact device called the Forte' Launch Controller. The Forte' is a self-contained, four-pad launch controller constructed with a high-impact, water-resistant, polypropylene case and comes in three versions: the Deluxe, Standard, and Economy models.

The control panel has a water-resistant, snap-down cover and the generous 12" x 6" x 8" internal space allows room to store cords, accessories and a 12-volt lead acid, riding lawn mower battery (not included). All of the Forte's electrical components, including the switches, connectors and wiring are rated at 15 amps or higher and all of the pad positions are individually selectable.

The Forte' launch controller is capable of four simultaneous launches (drag race-style) or multiple cluster ignition. A built-in continuity tester only draws a maximum of 10 milliamps, making it safe for all igniters, including e-matches, and operates whenever a pad is selected and continuity exists. The launch button is removable and serves as the safety interlock device.

Included with all three versions of the Forte' launch controller are:

1. A 3-foot power supply cord with 50-amp alligator clips for connection to either an internal or external 12-volt power supply (battery).
2. Handheld, pushbutton launch switch rated at 60-amps with a 3-foot connecting cord. The launch switch is housed in a water-resistant casing and protected with a weatherproof rubber boot.
3. Two pairs of pad wires with commercial-grade plugs, solderless banana plugs, eight alligator clips and Velcro cord ties.

The only thing you need to add for the Deluxe and Standard versions is a 12-volt power supply (battery). For the Economy version, you will need to purchase extension cables also. Batteries and cables are available at Walmart and other retail stores at modest costs. All parts which require periodic replacement such as pad cables and alligator clips are available separately.

For more information, visit the product page (link below).


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