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31.08.2011 23:49 Antigüedad: 7 yrs
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Por: Keith Packard

Altus Metrum Releases TeleMini And AltOS 1.0, and soon through our regular distributors.

In addtion to support for TeleMini, AltOS version 1.0 also includes numerous
new features for TeleMetrum users:

- Kalman-filter based flight tracking. Detects apogee more accurately, eliminates Mach-delay setting on TeleMini.

- Wider radio frequency support. Works across the 70cm band.

- Pre-load satellite mapping images at home

All Altus Metrum products including TeleMini and AltOS are completely open hardware and open source.  The hardware design details and all source code are openly available for download, and advanced users are invited to join our developer community and help to enhance and extend the system.


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