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13.05.2011 22:16 Antigüedad: 7 yrs
Categoría: Market
Por: Edward Shihadeh

Giant Leap Rocketry Releases 54mm Bell Retainer

Giant Leap Rocketry introduces a 54mm version of the Slimline Bell-Shaped Nozzle Retainer. Like its 38mm cousin, the 54mm Bell Retainer is available in silver and black.

The Bell Retainer not only holds reloadable motors in place, just like other Slimline retainers, but it adds a nozzle shape to the aft end of a rocket. It's internally threaded, so it works exactly like the other threaded Slimlines, except this one is shaped like a nozzle. It adheres to the motor tube in the same way, requiring about a 1/2" of exposed motortube.

The 54mm Bell Retainer is machined from 6061 T6 aircraft-grade aluminum. And like the other retainers, it's light but thick-walled to resist damage.


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