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02.04.2011 08:02 Il y a : 7 yrs
Catégorie : Internal
Auteur : Oliver Missbach

European Model Rocketry Celebrates 15 Years

European Model Rocketry (EMR), the independent European rocketry portal, celebrates 15 years online.

Back in 1996, long-time rocketeer Oliver Missbach worked in the Quality Assurance department of an US online service where he creates a testing web site including model rocketry information. Oliver decided to design the rocketry site in English language since most rocketeers, at that time, were using US online services like ModelNet.

In 1996, there were few Internet hobby websites around and just a handful web-based information about model rocketry. At that time, most information was available through closed online services. In Europe, EMR is considered as the first web based Internet platform for rocketeers, probably worldwide. So, for almost 15 years, EMR is not only serving the European and worldwide rocketry community, but its an online pioneer as well.

The first web site was HTML-hand coded by Oliver. Later, a web content management was implemented offering a lot more services including user login and registration.

One goal of the site now and then was being a guide to discover rocketry in Europe including a large link directory to other pages. More services such a discussion board were added over the years.


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