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03.06.2010 20:01 Alter: 8 yrs
Kategorie: Market
Von: Oliver Missbach

QuickBurst Introduced "How To Make Igniters" DVD

Texas-based manufacturer QuickBurst announced the availability of the first in a series of how-to do it DVDs entitled How To Make Igniters.

The disc contains 41.5 minutes of detailed instruction, explaining exactly how to manufacture your own igniters.

DVD chapters included on the disk:

1.) Making the resistance coil
2.) Mixing QuickDip
3.) Dipping Igniters
a) QB Large Igniter Kit
b) QB Small Igniter Kit
c) Dipping E-Matches
4.) Checking Continuity
5.) Coating Igniters
6.) Painting Grains
7.) Testing Igniters
8.) Making e-matches
       QB E-Match Kit
9.) Coating E-Matches
10.) Testing e-matches

The DVD is available to all European Rocketeers. International shipping rates will need to be provided on a case by case basis. The International version of the DVD will not include QuickDip pyrogen due to shipping constraints. The European offer will include only the DVD.


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