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19.05.2010 17:36 Alter: 8 yrs
Kategorie: Market
Von: Oliver Missbach

New Company Checkered Flag Models Announces First Product

Checkered Flag Models, a new 2010 LLC based in Michigan, USA, introduces its first product: The Rocket Rack is a storage and staging system for model rockets in the A-G motor range. It comes in two levels of kit form. The Base rack provides rocketeers the ability to store their rockets at home to prevent damage as well as prepare their rockets for flight and keep them on the Rocket Rack until flown, without fear of damage or broken fins. Essentially the Rocket Rack is a purposeful method of storing rockets rather than a makeshift box or container.

The Premium rack kit does the same thing as the Base rack, but includes a pair of adjustable model rocket supports. These supports allow for a rocket to be held in place securely for flight prep or field repairs.

The quantity of rockets that can be stored on the Racks depends on the size of the rockets. But in cases of smaller rockets, multiple rockets can be stored on each wire guide. The racks include detailed instructions and will require assembly and finish, A recommended confidence skill level of 2 be reached for modelers building the Rocket Rack kits. Completion of the rack kits requires glue and paint (not included).

The retail price for the Base rack kit in the US is $45.00 plus shipping, while the Premium rack kit retails for $60.00 plus shipping. Volume pricing is available for clubs and vendors, upon request.

Checkered Flag Models plans to introduce various products both in model rocketry (including high power rocketry) and the model aircraft hobby industry. The company has not launched a web site but expects it to be available by mid-summer. Contact can be done through the Checkered Flag Model Facebook page, or e-mail to geilers(at)hughes.net.


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