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10.02.2011 21:33 Alter: 7 yrs
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Von: Tom Miller

Black Magic Missile Works Released UFC-4D Flight Computer

BlackMagicMissileWorks.com has once again introduced a totally uniqueproduct: the UFC-4D, a low cost, high performance flight computer that can be programmed by the buyer to perform custom applications such as flight stabilization, motor control or custom flight management.

It uses the standard UFC-4 hardware supporting a 32-bit ARM processor, 128MB of Flash memory for data logging, high performance barometric Altimeter, 3-Axis Accelerometer, 2 Pyro Channels and optional 100g Accelerometer, on-board Battery, long range Telemetry, 5 fps GPS, high performance 3-Axis Inertial Sensor and 3-Axis Magnetic Compass. The PSoC5 Programmable System on Chip also has a wealth of programmable digital and analog functions for custom hardware functionality.

The system comes with a download/debugger cable and all software andhardware development tools, along with device drivers and utility source so that qualified people can write their own flight management software quickly and easily.

See the Products -> UFC-4 page for download of the UFC-4D Developer Manual and Project zip file.


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