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Welkom in de Europese Modelraketten nieuwsruimte! We plaatsen regelmatig modelraket nieuws en aan deze site gerelateerd nieuws. Voel je vrij om je modelraketten nieuws en persmededelingen aan onze redactie door te geven.

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Heavenly Hobbies Unveils the Resistor 224

Remember the Washigei Reconnaissance Vehicle, that intel-gathering video rocket from the alien Shigei? Things have not been going as smoothly as the alien had expected. Heavenly Hobbies has teamed up with the RESIST!  organization to develop the Resistor 224 Planet Defense Weapon for the underground movement. Resistance might not be futile after all! The Resistor 224 is Heavenly Hobbies’...[meer...]

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Lifetime Achievement Award Presented To Mike Dorffler

In recognition of his many years of producing successful designs for the model rocket hobbyist, The National Association of Rocketry recently awarded its first Lifetime Achievement Award for Rocket Design to Mike Dorffler, long time employee of Estes Industries.  In making the award, Trip Barber, NAR President, stated:“ I want to recognize and thank you for your extraordinary contributions...[meer...]

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New Madcow Rocketry Fiberglass Rocket Kit Series

Madcow Rocketry will be announcing it’s the new 4” Fiberglass Rocket Kit Series at LDRS next week. The new series will include a Little John, Black Brant II and Nike Smoke. Each kit features scale fiberglass nose cones, fiberglass airframes and motor tubes, G10 fins and centering rings. The Black Brant II includes a dual deploy altimeter bay.  All of the new kits in the series will have...[meer...]

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QuickBurst Introduced "How To Make Igniters" DVD

Texas-based manufacturer QuickBurst announced the availability of the first in a series of how-to do it DVDs entitled How To Make Igniters.The disc contains 41.5 minutes of detailed instruction, explaining exactly how to manufacture your own igniters.DVD chapters included on the disk:1.) Making the resistance coil2.) Mixing QuickDip3.) Dipping Igniters a) QB Large Igniter Kitb) QB Small Igniter...[meer...]

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New Nike Smoke Scale Kit From Madcow Rocketry

Madcow Rocketry is proud to announce the new 2.6” Nike Smoke to it’s Lightweight Fiberglass Rocket Kit Series. The kit features a lightweight scale fiberglass nose cone, fiberglass airframe and motor tube, G10 fins and centering rings, and a cut vinyl decal.  The recovery system, which includes a rip-stop nylon chute and flameproof chute protector, is optional for flyers who already own...[meer...]

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Virtual Rocket Contest Started

The Rocket Research Center from Belgrade, Serbia, announced an international competition entitled Virtual Rocket Contest. This competition is organized in order to spread and re-establish popularity of rocket modeling as well as to promote domestic manufacturers of rocket motors to potential clients from abroad.The participants of this competition (competition is open until 15 July) are tasked to...[meer...]

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New Company Checkered Flag Models Announces First Product

Checkered Flag Models, a new 2010 LLC based in Michigan, USA, introduces its first product: The Rocket Rack is a storage and staging system for model rockets in the A-G motor range. It comes in two levels of kit form. The Base rack provides rocketeers the ability to store their rockets at home to prevent damage as well as prepare their rockets for flight and keep them on the Rocket Rack until...[meer...]

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Free Rocket Propulsion Analysis Tool Released

LPRE.DE announces the release of a new version of Rocket Propulsion Analysis (RPA), a free tool for analysis of liquid propellant rocket engines.The main features of the program are: - Robust, proven and industry-accepted Gibbs free energy minimization approach used to obtain the combustion composition- Analysis of nozzle flows with shifting and frozen chemical equilibrium- Optimisation of...[meer...]

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European Model Rocketry stelt elke bijdrage op prijs: Om nieuws toe te voegen, kun je gebruik maken van ons toevoegformulier. Als u artikelen wilt toevoegen, neem dan even een kijkje op onze redacteursinformatie pagina.

Onthaal aan Europese Modelraketten (EMR), het belangrijke Europese modelraketten portaal sinds 1996. Deze plaats biedt informatie over modelraketten, highpower, amateur en experimentele raketten, waterraketten aan, sport raketten en andere ruimteactiviteiten. EMR is een project zonder winstbejag niet affilitated met fabrikanten, organisaties of verkopers om raketten in Europa te bevorderen. 

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