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Welkom in de Europese Modelraketten nieuwsruimte! We plaatsen regelmatig modelraket nieuws en aan deze site gerelateerd nieuws. Voel je vrij om je modelraketten nieuws en persmededelingen aan onze redactie door te geven.

Geregistreerde gebruikers kunnen commentaar geven op nieuwsberichten, indien aangemeld.


Starlight Sponsors International Model Rocket Day

To celebrate 10 years as a model rocket manufacturer, Starlight Model Rockets LLC is sponsoring International Model Rocket Day (IMRD) on May 14th 2011 (flexible date due to weather and group commitments). The goal is to get as many people to try model rockets as possible. To help Starlight is making available the zippy rocket kit for youth groups ect for $1.75 US or for $2.25 for all others...[meer...]

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Balls 19 DVD For Sale

The Balls 19 DVD is released today at the start of the Libertylaunch Christmas sales for $15.95 (plus $2.00 shipping). Over 300 people had pre-registered to attend 2010's reunion of rocketry's biggest and best, in the Black Rock Desert. The need to return to the Black Rock Desert year after year goes well beyond an obsession. For many rocketeers it seems their genetic makeup has changed after...[meer...]

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RPA Lite Edition 1.1.0 Released

Software.lpre.de announced the availability of RPA 1.1.0 Lite Edition, a new free version of the Rocket Propulsion Analysis Tool for rocketry, developed for small business professionals, scientists, students and amateurs.RPA Lite Edition is an easy-to-use multi-platform tool for the performance prediction of rocket engines. It features an intuitive graphical user interface with convenient...[meer...]

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Rocketarium Announces 18mm Motor Retainer & 18/24 Adapter

18mm motor retainers are now available from Rocketarium.com. These are aluminum, anodized, and made in the USA. They are designed for use with 18 AT RMS reloadables, as well as single use Estes/Quest/AT model rocket motors. Price is only $11.95 for a full set. In addition the 18mm and 24mm motor retainers, a 18/24 adapter is now available. This lets rocketeers fly 18mm RMS reloads, and 18mm...[meer...]

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Aero Pack Announce The Release Of 3 New Products

Aero Pack, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of 3 new products to support hobby rocketry and the transition to mid-power. The first are 24mm anodized aluminum motor retainers. They are very light at only 6.8 grams per assembly (less than ¼ ounce) and work with both .125 inch and .250 inch thrust-ring/aft-closure lengths such as AeroTech and Cesaroni Pro24.  There are 3 types to fit...[meer...]

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OpenRocket Version 1.1.2 Released

OpenRocket announced the release of the new version 1.1.2. (including bugfixes). For this release a major part of the simulator code has been rewritten for better flexibility in future development. It also includes a vastly improved thrust curve selection dialog, the possibility to loading user-defined thrust curves and better startup times than previous releases. Simulation...[meer...]

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Mike Dorffler Of Estes Passed Away

Mike Dorffler of Estes Industries Research and Development passed away at 9:31 MDT September 7, 2010. Mike designed many, many Estes rockets over the 40 years he worked at Estes including the famous Cineroc movie camera and the Mean Machine rocket. The National Association of Rocketry recently awarded its first Lifetime Achievement Award for Rocket Design to him. Michael ‘Mike’ Keith ...[meer...]

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ThunderStruck 2010 DVD Released

ThunderStruck 2010 was Tripoli Indiana's first journey into the uncharted territory of running a regional launch. The launch site as Ash Grove near West Lafayette is big, LDRS-capable big. The launch took place during the weekend of April 10 and 11, 2010. The launch site is a working farm where the remnants of the last corn crop were clearly evident, with over a thousand acres still covered in...[meer...]

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European Model Rocketry stelt elke bijdrage op prijs: Om nieuws toe te voegen, kun je gebruik maken van ons toevoegformulier. Als u artikelen wilt toevoegen, neem dan even een kijkje op onze redacteursinformatie pagina.

Onthaal aan Europese Modelraketten (EMR), het belangrijke Europese modelraketten portaal sinds 1996. Deze plaats biedt informatie over modelraketten, highpower, amateur en experimentele raketten, waterraketten aan, sport raketten en andere ruimteactiviteiten. EMR is een project zonder winstbejag niet affilitated met fabrikanten, organisaties of verkopers om raketten in Europa te bevorderen. 

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