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PNC80-Ogive available from Modelraketten.NL

Modelraketten.NL get hands on the long wanted and hardly available PNC80-Ogive nose cone. This is the type of nose cone used in the V2, Phoenix, Executioner or Maxi Alpha model rocket kits.Also available are the following new products:- Centering ring 3 x 18-50 (CR3x18-50): Cluster Centering Rings for the BT50 (50mm) body tubes from Quest. You can now use three 18mm motors for powering your 50mm...[leggi]

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Flight test for the liquid propellant endo-reactor BP54L

On September 7th 2013, in Alcolea de Cinca (Spain) an Italian experimenter (BT-Research) has carried out a flight test using a liquid propellant endo-reactor named BP54L. The test is the final result after a long phase of studies and tests in laboratory benches.The flight was perfect and also the recovery phase did not show any problem. The post-flight controls on the motor proved that all the...[leggi]

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Altus Metrum announces TeleMetrum v2

Altus Metrum has taken the classic TeleMetrum design and updated it with all new components. Same feature set, but better in every way. TeleMetrum v2 is a dual deploy flight computer with 2 pyro channels, 105g accelerometer, 100k' barometer, uBlox Max 7Q GPS and >30mW telemetry system with APRS support.The original ground station TeleDongle is also back at last, as a part of the Altus Metrum...[leggi]

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German Model Rocket Pioneer Karl Gum Passed Away

Karl Gum, a model rocket pioneer in Germany, passed away on October 31, 2013, shortly after his 84. birthday. Karl was an active member of the rocketry community in Germany for decades. In the 1980“s, he co-published Countdown Magazin, Germany“s first model rocket publication. He was RSO and member of the organising committee of the legendary Modellraketen Festival (Model Rocket Festival),...[leggi]

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Beginner's Guide to Amateur High Power Rocketry on YouTube

A Beginner“s Guide to American Amateur High Power Rocketry is the latest web video release by Brian FitzGerald of Wichita, Kansas. It is 2 hours and 29 minutes long and was his first release to DVD in 2004. ABGTAAHPR consists of a series of in-depth interviews with Rocketeers interspersed with music segments. These interviews will provide you first hand data from people with the Rocket...[leggi]

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New Klima rocket engines CE-approved

German rocketry distributor and manufacturer Robert Klima, who announced the production of model rocket engines in 2011, now received CE-approval for his range of 18 mm engines. According to Raketenmodellbau Klima GmbH, the following types now have CE mark: A6-4, B4-0, B4-4, C2-0, C2-P, C6-0, C6-3, C6-5, C6-7, C6-P, D3-0, D3-P, D9-0, D9-3, D9-5, D9-P. Production will start immediatly, first...[leggi]

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International Rocket Week 2013 Announced

International Rocket Week 2013 (IRW 2013), the 28th annual rocket event in Scotland, will be held from Monday 12th to Monday 19th August. Full details - Base Camp, Flying Site, Programme, and other important information - are available at the official site (see below). The Flying Site has a 15,000 Feet (4,572 Metres) above ground level altitude ceiling. IRW 2013 is a Model (including Water...[leggi]

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Model Tracking Locator from AllNets

AllNets Electronics would like to introduce a new device that allows to locate lost models during the flight. The product is designed and produced byAllNets, an Italian company that manufactures electronic devices for various sectors (from civil to industrial). In the field of modeling, AllNets have just produced a device that allows to track models accidentally disappeared. It is a very...[leggi]

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