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Flight test for the liquid propellant endo-reactor BP54L

On September 7th 2013, in Alcolea de Cinca (Spain) an Italian experimenter (BT-Research) has carried out a flight test using a liquid propellant endo-reactor named BP54L. The test is the final result after a long phase of studies and tests in laboratory benches.The flight was perfect and also the recovery phase did not show any problem. The post-flight controls on the motor proved that all the...[Leer más]

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International Rocket Week 2013 Announced

International Rocket Week 2013 (IRW 2013), the 28th annual rocket event in Scotland, will be held from Monday 12th to Monday 19th August. Full details - Base Camp, Flying Site, Programme, and other important information - are available at the official site (see below). The Flying Site has a 15,000 Feet (4,572 Metres) above ground level altitude ceiling. IRW 2013 is a Model (including Water...[Leer más]

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2012 International Rocket Week Announced

I am pleased to announce that the full details of the 2012 International Rocket Week (IRW 2012), to be held in Scotland from Monday 20th to Monday 27th August, are now on-line at the link provided here. There is also an International Rocket Week 2012 Event page on Facebook. IRW 2012 is open to rocketeers worldwide for Model, High Power, Experimental, and Aquajet rocket flying for fun, for...[Leer más]

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New High Altitude Launch Site In Scotland

A new site that will enable the launching of experimental rockets to an altitiude ceiling of 24,000 Metres (80,000 Feet) has been located in Scotland. The site has been given the name "the Big Range", inspired by the track In A Big Country on the 1983 debute album The Crossing by Scottish rock band Big Country. To open up and fully use this new site, in Sutherlandshire in the North ...[Leer más]

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Estes Model Rockets At Nuremberg Toy Fair

World-leading model rocketry manufacturer Estes Industries had a strong brand appearance at the 2011 Nuremberg Toy Trade Fair in Germany. Estes rockets and products were shown at the booth of Hobbico (the new parent company of Estes) as well as at his UK distributor, Ripmax. At the fair, which claims to be the leading toy fair in the world, Estes announced his new distributor for Germany,...[Leer más]

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Starlight Sponsors International Model Rocket Day

To celebrate 10 years as a model rocket manufacturer, Starlight Model Rockets LLC is sponsoring International Model Rocket Day (IMRD) on May 14th 2011 (flexible date due to weather and group commitments). The goal is to get as many people to try model rockets as possible. To help Starlight is making available the zippy rocket kit for youth groups ect for $1.75 US or for $2.25 for all others...[Leer más]

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Virtual Rocket Contest Started

The Rocket Research Center from Belgrade, Serbia, announced an international competition entitled Virtual Rocket Contest. This competition is organized in order to spread and re-establish popularity of rocket modeling as well as to promote domestic manufacturers of rocket motors to potential clients from abroad.The participants of this competition (competition is open until 15 July) are tasked to...[Leer más]

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International Rocket Week 2010 Announced

According to John Bonsor of STAAR Research, the International Rocket Week (IRW) in Scotland will take place in 2010 between Monday 23rd to Monday 30th August. The event site will be near Largs, Ayrshire, Scotland. The IRW is held for 25 years and will offer a lot of attractions such as open rocketry and competiton flying with model, highpower and water rockets up to a limit of 16,000 Feet...[Leer más]

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