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Estes Model Rockets At Nuremberg Toy Fair

World-leading model rocketry manufacturer Estes Industries had a strong brand appearance at the 2011 Nuremberg Toy Trade Fair in Germany. Estes rockets and products were shown at the booth of Hobbico (the new parent company of Estes) as well as at his UK distributor, Ripmax. At the fair, which claims to be the leading toy fair in the world, Estes announced his new distributor for Germany,...[mehr]

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New Model Rocket Engines Made In Germany

German model rocket distributor and manufacturer Raketenmodellbau Klima GmbH announced a line of self-produced rocket engines at the 2011 Nuremberg Toy Fair. According to Klima, the new engines will be produced at the company´s plant near Augsburg, Germany, and will use a composite propellant rather than black powder. Klima has plans to manufacture standard model rocket engines in the A through...[mehr]

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New Model Rocketry & Spacemodelling Book From The UK

British rocketeer Stuart Lodge has announced his new book Model Rocketry - Space Modelling. This book sets out in an easy to follow style, everything you need to know to get started in the Model Rocketry hobby, including the Model Rocketry Safety Code for safe and enjoyable flying. The book provides full details of rocket launch systems and propulsion systems to shoot the rocket skywards,...[mehr]

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Giant Leap Rocketry Announces Mariah-38

Giant Leap Rocketry announces the Mariah-38, a minimum-diameter 38mm kit. The Mariah-38 features Giant Leap's new Shotgun Recovery System™. This means that the Mariah-38 is dual-deployment but separates from only one point to reduce drag and increase performance. The Shotgun configuration makes this one of the most unique and high-performance rockets in the Giant Leap fleet. The Mariah-38 is a...[mehr]

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Black Magic Missile Works New Website & Flight Computer

Black Magic Missile Works is proud to unveil not only our new website, but the release of our fourth generation of amateur rocketry flight computers, the UFC-4, the most full-featured flight computer available for use in amateur rocketry anywhere. We particularly want to thank Darrell Mobley of Rocketry Planet and UHostMe for his tremendous contribution and tireless efforts to make this a...[mehr]

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New UK Rocketry Association Founded

Model rockets are a great teaching aid in schools and rocketry is a challenging, satisfying hobby for many adults. It involves a range of disciplines that appeal to people in many walks of life and helps build many technical and life skills. However due to some of the unique issues and requirements of the hobby it requires a specialist body of experienced, knowledgeable people to push the hobby...[mehr]

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Rocketarium Announce Line Of Model Rocket Kits Inc is proud to announce it's own line of model rocket kits. The initial offering includes nine model rocket kits, including original designs and scale models. This completes the Rocketarium transition from vendor to manufacturer. Additional kits will be created over time. European customers can purchase Rocketarium kits from Rocket Onlineshop. Attractive dealer discounts are...[mehr]

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Altus Metrum Releases AltOS v0.8

Altus Metrum is pleased to announce the release of version 0.8 of our AltOS software.  Existing TeleMetrum owners are encouraged to download and install the new software immediately.  Packages with identical functionality are available for Linux, Mac, and Windows systems. Version 0.8 offers a major upgrade in the AltosUI interface. Significant new features include: - Post-flight...[mehr]

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