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For technical reasons, the usage of some of our services is limited to users with an registered account only. Registration and usage of this site is for free. All date will only be used for internal site purposes and will never be released to third-parties.

Please fill in all required fields. We will only accept real user data, fake accounts will be deleted immediatly. After registration, you recieve a mail including a verification link. Click the link just once. If you do not verify your registration, your account will not be reviewed. After verification, an administrator will review it and will notify you when your account has been activated (this may take some time).

All registered users can take avantage our meetingplace, our online rocketeers community. You decide whether you will release personal data to other users (searching the rocketeers directory) or not. In your profile editor, your visibility settings may be edited, e.g. data will only be available for other users in your buddy list. We recommend that you will be visible in the rocketeers directory in order to give other users the change to find you. For this reason, "visible to others" is the default setting.

You may alter your personal date at any time. For account deletion, just send us a message. Please keep your mail adress always up-to-date as we may delete outdated entries (if we cannot longer reach you).

Registration Troubleshooting

If your registration do not work, please be sure the check the following issues:

  • After you have completed your registration form, you will receive a confirmation mail immediatly to the mail account you have stated,
  • If you do not receive this mail, please check if you have entered your correct mail adress (no mismatch) and check your spam folder (in case the mail was considered as spam),
  • You need to confirm your registration via a mail link provided in this confirmation mail. The mail link is very long and some mail programs unfortunatly cut off the whole link. In this case, please copy the whole link manually into your browser. Always check if your browser shows the confirmation link in full lenght,
  • To prevent other people from registering in your name, also a second link is provided to cancel your registration in case of misuse. If you would like to open your account however, do not accidientally click on that link, otherwise your registration will be cancelled,
  • Just click once on the link! Multiple clicks may cancel the whole registration. After you confirmed your registration, it may takes a time until an administrator will review it and release your account. Until that time, login is not enabled,
  • To login after your registration is released, use the password you choosed in the registration form. The password in the confirmation mail is encrypted and not the one to login.
  • Due to a bug in the software, sometimes the choosen password from the registration form will not work. In this case, please choose the "forgot your password"-link and create a new one.

If anything fails, please drop us a note!

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