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19.02.2014 00:46 Age: 5 yrs
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By: Klaas-Jan van Til

PNC80-Ogive available from Modelraketten.NL

Modelraketten.NL get hands on the long wanted and hardly available PNC80-Ogive nose cone. This is the type of nose cone used in the V2, Phoenix, Executioner or Maxi Alpha model rocket kits.

Also available are the following new products:

- Centering ring 3 x 18-50 (CR3x18-50): Cluster Centering Rings for the BT50 (50mm) body tubes from Quest. You can now use three 18mm motors for powering your 50mm rockets. For instance: use three C6 or D9, 18mm motors, for powering your heavy rockets.

- Centering ring 2x18-D Region (CR2x18DReg): Thin, solid 2-cluster centering rings for the D-Region Tomahawk (45,7 dia.), which has a non-standard body tube size. Two pieces: An upper and a lower centering ring with slots for the engine hooks. Start your D-Region Tomahawk on E-engine power (2xD9)!

- Flash Cotton/Blitz Watte 20g: Flash cotton is perfect for several different fire effects, often used by magicians. In model rockets to be used as ejection charge for the parachute(s), when the motor doesn't do that. After the rapid burning it leaves no residu, which is a great advantage. The entire wadding changes it's state into gases.


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