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05.02.2012 20:17 Age: 7 yrs
Category: Market
By: Oliver Missbach

Toy Fair: Klima Presents New Engines And Midpower Kits

At the international 2012 Nuremberg Toy Fair, Raketenmodellbau Klima GmbH from Germany presented a new line of composite rocketry engines along with midpower model rocket kits from Quest Aerospace.

Company-owner Robert Klima introduced his new motor line first at the Nuremberg Toy Fair 2011. Due to some delays with his suppliers, the self-constructed production machine is still not ready. Klima expects to have it available early this year so he can produce a first motor batch and apply for CE engine certification at German BAM which will take another few months.

According to Klima, engines will be manufactured in 18, 24 and 29 mm diameters. He will be able to offer A through F engines including 18 mm "D"-size motors and some RC plugged versions. He currently announced:

18 mm: A6-X, A10-X, B6-X, C6-X, D7-X, longburner: C3-P, D3-P
24 mm: C12-X, D18-X, E18-X, longburner E7-P
29 mm: E22-X, F22-X

Regarding pricing, Klima plans to offer them for less than current Weco blackpowder engines. Single midpower motors such as E or F should be far less than comparable reloads from manufacturers such as AeroTech. Different to conventional composits, they may be ignited using regular electronic igniters or even fuses. Also, they may be clustered and staged in the same way as black powder engines.

Additional, Klima will offer new Quest midpower kits such as the Minotaur or High-Q (see photo) for D through F engines. Vice-versa, Quest has plans to import Klima engines into the United States to boost its new midpower line and to replace former blackpowder engines.

For more photos and a report about the Nuremberg fair, please visit our EMR Rocketry Forum.


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