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17.12.2010 19:38 Age: 8 yrs
Category: Market
By: Tom Miller

Black Magic Missile Works New Website & Flight Computer

Black Magic Missile Works is proud to unveil not only our new website, but the release of our fourth generation of amateur rocketry flight computers, the UFC-4, the most full-featured flight computer available for use in amateur rocketry anywhere.

We particularly want to thank Darrell Mobley of Rocketry Planet and UHostMe for his tremendous contribution and tireless efforts to make this a premier rocketry product website.

We have greatly expanded the amount of information available on our products adding:

- Hi-resolution top and bottom view pictures of all products
- 2D pdf drawings of important product dimensions
- 3D pdf views of most products
- Product brochures and manuals on additional products available

We've also added a search engine, user login accounts, user comments and a much easier navigation scheme.

The UFC Flight Computer Family provides the most advanced flight computer in its class, supporting flights to 100,000' and beyond.

Replacing the flagship UFC-2, the all new UFC-4 upgrades the basic functions (high altitude altimeter, 3-axis accelerometer, 128MB flight log memory) and offers the most sought after optional functions of UFC-3 (long range Telemetry, GPS, Inertial Sensor) in a package 40% the size and weight of the equivalent UFC-3 at a much lower cost.  Like all other members of the UFC series, it offers tremendous user flexibility in configuration and control of flight operations, allowing the user to define the function and action of all sensors and controls.

Its long range two-way telemetry, GPS, 3-Axis Inertial Sensor and other options give it the performance needed for Level II and III flights. Its on-board ADC and Digital I/O ports allow the user to configure the system in ways not possible with other flight computers.  The user created Flight Operations Script allows the configuration and control of these functions for whatever purpose required. It is particularly suited for experimental flyers, small commercial users,  colleges and universities that want to provide a means of customization without having to do everything from scratch.

UFC-4 rings a new price/size/performance standard to single board flight computers.  Replacing the UFC-2, it is much lower in cost and more highly integrated, yet has many performance and functional enhancements.  It is suitable for airframes as small as 75mm, yet provides the best features of UFC-3.


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