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14.11.2010 17:36 Age: 8 yrs
Category: Market
By: Robert Utley

Balls 19 DVD For Sale

The Balls 19 DVD is released today at the start of the Libertylaunch Christmas sales for $15.95 (plus $2.00 shipping).

Over 300 people had pre-registered to attend 2010's reunion of rocketry's biggest and best, in the Black Rock Desert. The need to return to the Black Rock Desert year after year goes well beyond an obsession. For many rocketeers it seems their genetic makeup has changed after their first visit. The decision to return is no longer something conscious or cognitive. The decision to return becomes instinctual, as natural as eating or breathing. Each year inflicted rocketeers return to the Desert. They return to push the boundaries of the hobby beyond the established extremes; in one of the few places on the planet forgiving enough to support a "BALLS Project".


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