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29.09.2010 00:38 Age: 8 yrs
Category: Market
By: Bob Mosley

Aero Pack Announce The Release Of 3 New Products

Aero Pack, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of 3 new products to support hobby rocketry and the transition to mid-power.

The first are 24mm anodized aluminum motor retainers. The second new item is a 24mm to 29mm adapter (A2429).  It is also made from anodized aluminum and weighs only 7.3 grams.  The A2429 adapter comes ready to use and will hold 24mm motors in rockets with Aero Pack 29mm motor retainers. Price is $13.00 ea.

The third is a 300lb pull stainless steel ball-bearing swivel for use on rockets up to 15lbs. These new product offerings are the result of dozens of customer requests.  The new 24mm retainer and 24 mm to 29 mm adapter have been in development since April of this year. They are professionally engineered and tested to provide light-weight, high-strength and ease of use.


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