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22.07.2010 13:42 Age: 8 yrs
Category: Market
By: Ed Shihadeh

Giant Leap Rocketry Releases Magna-Frame

Giant Leap Rocketry, Inc. has released its Magna-Frame. It is a composite airframe of high strength, grey vulcanized fiber interlaced with phenolic. There is a proprietary coating inside and out that seals out moisture. It is then high-temperature cured to create a high-strength composite structure.

Magna-Frame uses a military-grade vulcanized fiber for extreme strength (you'll know because it is grey). Phenolic is resistant to moisture and avoids the warpage of pure vulcanized paper tubes. The propriety coating further ensures that the airframe stays straight. According to Giant Leap, Magna-Frame is a high-performance tube that is light, inexpensive and safe.

It was successfully tested at a velocity of about 2000 ft/sec (approximately Mach 1.8). Magna-Frame is compatible with CA and epoxy adhesives. To learn more about Magna-Frame, visit the website.


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