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06.03.2012 21:03 Leeftijd: 7 yrs
Categorie: Market
Door: Peter Stanley

Rocket Calculator Tools for the Rocketeer on the Go

Rocket Calculator is a suite of handy field tools often needed in Rocketry. There are currently ten calculators available in one app:

- Altitude Prediction -  based on the Fehskens-Malewicki equations.
- Thrust to weight ratio
- Parachute size and descent rate
- Drift distance
- Streamer size and descent rate
- Streamer size (alternate calculation method)
- Ejection charge -  Also calculates pressure, force and numbers of shear pins needed.
- Static pressure port size - Displays result in preferred unit, but also shows the equivalent fractional inch and metric drill bit size.
- Single-station altitude tracking
- Two-station altitude tracking -  Method that is often used in competitions.

Some additional features include:

- Granular unit preferences.
- Ability to print (requires an Air Print enabled printer) or email calculation results.
- Quick reference information.
- Impulse range table
- US number and letter drill bit gauge conversion (supplements the static port pressure calculator).
- Safety codes, launch site dimension and minimum distance tables.

There are plans to add more calculators and information resources in the near future.

Rocket Calculator runs natively on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, and is supported on iOS 4.2 and above.

For the the latest information or to order the app, visit the website.


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