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14.02.2014 00:19 Etą: 5 yrs
Categoria: Market
Autore: Keith Packard

Altus Metrum announces TeleMetrum v2

Altus Metrum has taken the classic TeleMetrum design and updated it with all new components. Same feature set, but better in every way. TeleMetrum v2 is a dual deploy flight computer with 2 pyro channels, 105g accelerometer, 100k' barometer, uBlox Max 7Q GPS and >30mW telemetry system with APRS

The original ground station TeleDongle is also back at last, as a part of the Altus Metrum Starter Pack. Each Starter Pack includes a TeleDongle USB-connected ground station for laptops running Linux, Mac OS X or Windows, a battery compatible with any Altus Metrum flight computer, a USB cable, and an Altus Metrum cut vinyl decal.

Also, TeleMega is back in stock! TeleMega is an advanced flight computer with 9-axis IMU, 6 pyro channels, uBlox Max 7Q GPS and >30mW telemetry system with APRS support. TeleMega is the ideal flight computer for sustainers and other complex projects

Altus Metrum products are available from this distributors: Apogee Components, Bay Area Rocketry, and Chris' Rocket Supplies in the US; Australian Rocketry; Rebel Space in the Netherlands; and Aerospace Education in New Zealand. Or you can order directly from Bdale's web store.

All Altus Metrum products are completely open hardware and open source. The hardware design details and all source code are openly available for download, and advanced users are invited to join our developer community and help to enhance and extend the system.


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