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22.05.2013 14:40 Etą: 5 yrs
Categoria: Market
Autore: Bdale Garbee

Altus Metrum releases TeleBT, AltosDroid, and AltOS 1.2.1

Altus Metrum is pleased to announce the immediate availability of TeleBT, and version 1.2.1 of our AltOS software including an Android application.

TeleBT is a new ground station designed to allow tracking and recovery of your rocket with an Android device.  TeleBT incorporates a 70cm radio to communicate with Altus Metrum flight computers, and a Bluetooth radio that connects with Android phones and tables, and with computers running Linux that have a Bluetooth interface.  TeleBT also has a micro USB connector used to charge the internal battery, and for connection to computers running Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.  More information about TeleBT is available at

Our new Android application, AltosDroid, is available for free from the Google Play store, and works on most current Android devices.  AltosDroid monitors your rocket flight, reporting status on the screen and through voice synthesis.  Once your rocket is on the ground, you can use AltosDroid to walk to your rocket with help from Google Maps.  More details about AltosDroid are available at

AltOS 1.2.1 adds support for TeleBT, along with a number of other new features and bug fixes.  This version includes updated firmware that improves radio sensitivity, along with USB fixes for many issues reported by customers running Windows.  AltOS 1.2.1 also improves flight data analysis by adding configurable graph contents, additional flight summary information and a map showing the ground track of the flight.  A more detailed list of AltOS changes is available along with the updated software at


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