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17.02.2014 00:34 Antigüedad: 5 yrs
Categoría: Event
Por: Paolo Basso

Flight test for the liquid propellant endo-reactor BP54L

On September 7th 2013, in Alcolea de Cinca (Spain) an Italian experimenter (BT-Research) has carried out a flight test using a liquid propellant endo-reactor named BP54L. The test is the final result after a long phase of studies and tests in laboratory benches.

The flight was perfect and also the recovery phase did not show any problem. The post-flight controls on the motor proved that all the parts were reusable after flight. BP54L is an endo-reactor with a global impulse close to 1000Ns, and an average thrust of 400 N.

Some data about the test:
- Rocket weight at take-off: 5000 gr.
- Reached height: 1068 meters
- Maximal speed: 543 km/h
- Acceleration: 91.62 m/sec^2
- Time to apogee: 16 sec.
- Total flight time: 92 sec.

A particular thanks to the Spanish group SpainRocketry for making possible to carry out this flight test. Nowadays, further developments on BP54L are ongoing and new flight tests have been scheduled.


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