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04.07.2013 14:22 Antigüedad: 5 yrs
Categoría: Event
Por: John Bonsor

International Rocket Week 2013 Announced

International Rocket Week 2013 (IRW 2013), the 28th annual rocket event in Scotland, will be held from Monday 12th to Monday 19th August. Full details - Base Camp, Flying Site, Programme, and other important information - are available at the official site (see below). The Flying Site has a 15,000 Feet (4,572 Metres) above ground level altitude ceiling.

IRW 2013 is a Model (including Water Rockets/Aquajets), High Power, and Amateur rocketry event for rocketeers worldwide. The event is organised by the Scottish Aeronautics & Rocketry Association (SARA), affiliated to the United Kingdom Rocketry Association (UKRA).


Sonntag, 04.08.2013 15:58 | Oliver Missbach
Thanks for the information and good luck with your event!

Donnerstag, 04.07.2013 14:49 | John Bonsor
There is also now a Facebook event page for \"International Rocket Week 2013\".

Yours ever,

John Bonsor,
IRW Secretary & Co-ordinator.

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