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04.06.2013 20:36 Antigüedad: 5 yrs
Categoría: Market
Por: Simone Ballarin

Model Tracking Locator from AllNets

AllNets Electronics would like to introduce a new device that allows to locate lost models during the flight. The product is designed and produced byAllNets, an Italian company that manufactures electronic devices for various sectors (from civil to industrial).

In the field of modeling, AllNets have just produced a device that allows to track models accidentally disappeared. It is a very important problem in modeling since the loss of models is decidedly frequent and costly.

At the moment, the product it is only sold through the AllNets website, but the company is confident in rapid dissemination and distribution.. The tracking device consists of a micro RADIO transmitter unit that is installed without any wiring in the model (fixed simply with a piece of velcro) and a receiving unit adapted to receive endless transmitters (this allows to limit the purchase and consequently spending in squadrons). The excellent radio range of the device allows the immediate detection and pitfalls in the grass of the fields.


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