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02.12.2010 16:52 Antigüedad: 8 yrs
Categoría: Organizations
Por: Richard Brown

New UK Rocketry Association Founded

Model rockets are a great teaching aid in schools and rocketry is a challenging, satisfying hobby for many adults. It involves a range of disciplines that appeal to people in many walks of life and helps build many technical and life skills. However due to some of the unique issues and requirements of the hobby it requires a specialist body of experienced, knowledgeable people to push the hobby forward.

In the UK over the last few years this has stumbled in my opinion due to a lack of inspiration and wish to push forward by other UK organisations and this is why today we are launching a new national organisation for rocketry in the UK named British Rocket Flying Association (BRFA).

Over time we hope to inspire new people into this fascinating and rewarding hobby through promotion and provide an organisation to cater for UK rocketeers needs.

For further information please visit the website (link below).


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