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09.03.2010 23:54 Alter: 9 yrs
Kategorie: Intern
Von: Oliver Missbach

Call for Editors

European Model Rocketry (EMR) is looking for rocketeers who wish to work as editors on the pan-European rocketry portal.

Since EMR switched to a new content management framework, is is easier than ever to create and edit content. No formatting or programming code is necessary, just add content in a simple web-based editor using any browser.

EMR is a non-profit project to promote rocketry in Europe helping to connect rocketeers across Europe. Every rocketeer may contribute new content or translate existing content to another language. Thanks to the new system, it is easy to translate the any part of the site to almost any European language.

If interested in joining the team, just visit the EMR editor information page.


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