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18.03.2012 15:42 Alter: 7 yrs
Kategorie: Market
Von: Boris du Reau

OpenRocket 12.03 for Desktop and Android Released

In this release the version numbering scheme has been changed. From now on the version number is YY.MM indicating the year and month of the release. Bug fix releases are indicated by an added .1.

This also marks the first release for Android devices. In this first release you can open files and examine existing simulations, stability data and motor files. The Android port is thanks to work by Kevin Ruland.

Enhancements in the desktop version include saving designs in RKT format thanks to Doug Pedrick, freeform fin set import form images by Jason Blood, configurable stage separation events, guided help tours and displaying the computed motor designation class. The application has also been translated to Italian by Mauro Biasutti and Russian by the Sky Dart Team.


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