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19.08.2010 20:49 Alter: 8 yrs
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Von: Robert Utley

LDRS-29 DVD Published

ROC President Wedge Oldham, a veteran of many LDRS and Balls Launches, had steered the ship intro safe harbors after what could be considered a stressful week. Wedge led his teams through wind storms, dumpster fires, the Discovery Science Channel controlling the pace of the launch and too many special requests to count.

Like all LDRS launches, there were challenges. The key is how prepared you are to meet those challenges. There are very few clubs in the country that will stand up and put on an event of this magnitude. It isn't for lack of launch and recovery area. There are many locations around the country where an LDRS could be supported. It requires the sheer willingness and most important the confidence to sponsor an LDRS.

Wedge Oldham and the entire team at ROC stood up to be counted as some of the few who take on the task so others could benefit. Wedge Oldham, Melinda Oldham, john Van Norman, Veni Van Norman, Rick Dickinson, Rick McGee, Ian Walberg, Rick O'Neil and Greg Lyzenga are to be applauded for their efforts. LDRS 29 was all about the rockets, and that made it an unparalleled success by any standard.

The 4 DVD set is available from Liberty Launch Systems for $19.95 plus $2.00 shipping, discounts for subscriber $17.95 plus $2.00 shipping.


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