Rocketry FAQ

Where can I buy kits and engines?

Please visit our marketplace to search for vendors or use our rocketry small ads or auctions. If there is no dealer in your country, it is most likely that some of the others will ship to you.

Are there any rocketeers or clubs in my area?

See our links directory including known clubs and associations all accross Europe. Our meeting place will help to find individual rocket flyers. Talk to other rocketeers in our forum.

What laws and regulations exist in my area?

Please visit our regulations database for national European laws. Consult our forum for further assistance.

I need further information and contacts to other rocketeers

Take a look to our links directory to get in touch with other organisations, clubs or individuals. Use our rocketry forum to exchange ideas with other rocketeers. Talk to other rocketeers using our rocketry chat. See our literature page for books on model rocketry.

Are there any events in my area?

Pls. visit our calendar to search for rocketry events.

I own a website. How can I increase traffic?

You may add your page to our links directory. See our webmaster information page for more details.

Anything else I can do to get informations?

Subscribe to our newsletter to get news and more for free by e-mail. Visit our forum frequently.

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