Event Submissions

If you would like to make your events such as launches, competitions, meetings or fairs and exhibitions public, the European Event Calender is the right place to do so! 

To publish an event, a user account and login is required. After login, you have the opportunity to add events via online forms.

Please add all required information. In the description, add a website where visitors can obtain more information (if available). For most cases, choose only one category (e.g. launch day for launches or competitions). If the event takes more than a day, choose all day and add a starting- and ending date.

You may change or delete your own entries at any time. Only rocketry-related events are acceptable.

Please note: Due to a caching error in the application, sometimes it seems a submission was not stored (form will re-appear with error messages like ".. is a past date"). Please ignore that and do not re-submit. The entry was submitted and will appear if the site cache will load again! We are working on fixing this error.

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