Stability- and Altitude Prediction Software

Software to calculate CP (center of pressure) and CG (center of gravity) of a model rocket to show the stability of the construction. Stability calculation software is based on the Barrowman method, several formulas to predict the CP. They often offers additional features such as an engine editor. Altitude calculation programs allow to predict the estimated maximum altidude.

Calculation program from Apogee Rockets. Offers all standard functions such as altitude, speed, optimal delay, speed at ejection and so on. Additonal, automatic iteration, engine database, parts editor including large parts database (Estes, Quest, PML...).

Own part database entries may be added even in the demo version. CP/CG display while working in real time. Pay software, demo version available, in English language, for Windows platforms (since version 5.0 with a 3D view).


Software to determine the stability. Calculates CP/CG, maximum altitude, max. speed and acceleration and optimum engine ejection time.

Pay software, demo version available, in English or German language, for windows platforms.


OpenRocket is a fully featured model rocket simulator that allows you to design and simulate your rockets before actually building and flying them.

The program is written in Java (for all platforms) and Open Source, available to download for free, in english.


Altitude prediction software for model- and highpower rockets.

For Windows platforms, free download, english.


Freeware program for calculating CP/CG.

English, for Windows.

Win Sim calculates the stability of a model rocket. Afterwards, the model can be flown using a 3D simulator.

Pay software, demo version available, english, for Windows platforms.

Win Sim

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