Buying First Model Rocket

To fly a model rocket, the following components are essential:

  • Launch Pad
  • Electrical Launcher
  • Engines
  • Igniter
  • Fireproof Wadding

and, of course, a model rocket.

The picture shows a typically model rocket with launcher and launch pad.

Airwalker Startset from Estes

The launch pad consist of 3 stands, a launch rod for stabilization (3 mm x 1 m) and a blast deflector (to avoid burning the pad).

The single-use engine will be ignited with a special ignitor and a 6-volts-launcher. To prevent the recovery chute from burning, a fireproof wadding will be used.

It is recommended to buy all components in a starter set. They are available from rocketry vendors for about 30-40 Euros. They include all components except of the engines including the first model.

To start into the model rocket hobby, it is recommended to buy a book. There are several model rocketry books available.

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