Site History

Way back in 1996, long-time rocketeer Oliver Missbach worked in the Quality Assurance department of an US online service in the position of a QA specialist. The company wanted to test a new software enabeling customers to create own Internet websites.

For testing purposes, Oliver created a personal website named Virtual Planet including some model rocketry information. Although the personal site was in German, Oliver decided to design the rocketry site in English language since most rocketeers, at this time, were using US online services like ModelNet.

Virtual Planet in 1996
Virtual Planet way back in 1996

Shortly, the rocketry section was transformed into a real rocketry platform including directories for almost every known European rocketry website. Europaen Model Rocketry (EMR) was born!

In 1996, there were few Internet hobby websites around and just a handful web-based information about model rocketry. At this time, most information was available in closed online services. In Europe, EMR can be considered as the first web based Internet platform for rocketeers, probably worldwide.

So, since almost 15 years, EMR is not only serving the European and worldwide rocketry community, but its an online pioneer as well.

European Model Rocketry
European Model Rocketry 1998 - 2009

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