Submit Links

You may submit new links if your rocketry site is not already included in the directory.

To propose links, a free user account is required. If logged in, a submission link will be shown in the appropriate category. Just enter your details and an administrator will review your submission soon. Please note that we can only accept rocketry-related websites.

If you would like to change existing links or to submit a banner, just do a new proposal using the submission link (if logged in).

If you feel that your submission does not fit in any given category or a country is missing, please contact us to add more subcategories. Please do not use the contact form to submit links (use the proposal link only).

Link Policy

Our link policy is that we will include all acceptable and rocketry-related links for free. However, the minimum requirement is that the site provides also a backlink to our page. Please refer to our backlink page for details. Please do not submit websites who do not want to provide a backlink since we will not include them.

In some rare cases, we will not accept links from certain organizations or individuals if we do think that we cannot recommend them.

As a courtesy to our international audience, please submit all submissions in English language.

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