Regulations France

Here below is the summary of the french regulations: They emphasize the public safety, several young kids were severly injured when mixing chemical products to design a solid motor of their own.

1) rocket motors are covered by the fireworks regulations. Fireworks are divided into 4 classes depending upon the weight of "active matter" (propellant, ejection charge ....)

class K1: up to 10 grs (BP=A,B),C,D with composite
class K2: up to 100 grs(BP=D,E,F),G with composite
class K3: up to 500 grs H,I,low J(800 N/s)
class K4: > 500 grs

2) all motors must have a certification number. Only 4 Official labs are abilitated to deliver such a certificate.You have to pay for it and it is quite expensive. As an example the price tag to certify a single motor with a given delay is 8000 FF or 1219 Euro's. So just think of the Dealer who wants to sell the whole set of Aerotech motors!!!He will have to put big bucks on the table.

3) you must be > 18 to buy K2,K3,K4

Engines can be shipped via postal services or for larger parcels via special postal services because you can only buy A,B,C and D. Shops can sell motors but only A,B,C and sometimes D.

(Source: Jean Pierre Seingier)

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